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Blog | Gletcher Brewery

Rauchbier: Spicy smoked beer with seeds of Guinea pepper

Rauhbier turned out to be perfectly balanced between the characters of smoke and beer. The added seeds of rae (Guinea pepper) gave a pleasant piquancy, but not sharpness. In the aroma, you can feel smoke and a little pepper. The taste has a distinct smokiness. The finish is dry, with a peppery aftertaste.

This variety is brewed together with blogger Oleg Korotkiy (podcast "Two beers, please!") and the head of the laboratory of the Avangard malt house Martin Heuser. Oleg suggested the recipe. Initially, he brewed this beer at his home brewery. Martin and Anora adapted the recipe for a large production and added the seeds of paradise to reveal the taste. After 20 days, when the beer was fermented and sufficiently clarified, the CCT was given some more wort with Guinea pepper and yeast and left for another 15 days, so that the taste and aroma became even more saturated.

Combinations with food-roast beef, grilled vegetables, apple pie.

On May 26, 202, the presentation of Oatmeal Stout and Rauchnier will take place at 69pints on Pokrovka. Starting at 19: 00

ABV 5,1%
Available in 20 l kegs and 0.5 l bottles — Order.