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Blog | Gletcher Brewery

Rauhbier: beer label from idea to implementation

A beer label is a "clothing" for beer. It makes the first impression on the consumer and distinguishes beer from others. A label can tell a story and become a collectible.

Using the example of the Rauchbier label, we wanted to show what stages of design a label goes through: from idea to implementation.

In the beginning there was a word, and it was "recipe".
Rauhbir is a collaboration between Anora Mishchenko, Oleg Korotkiy (podcast "Two beers, pzhlst!") and Martin Heuser (Avangard malt house, Germany). The three of them developed a recipe and decided to share it not only in the form of beer, but also in the form of a real beer recipe. We decided to put the recipe on the bottle label.

The reference was as follows

Then there was the first visualization


The desire for a recipe on the label was followed by the idea that this is a collaborative cooking. Therefore, the idea of the label was disassembled into "bricks" of what we want to see, and then re-connected. The hands of the three cooking participants add the ingredients to one pot. And, in fact, the beer recipe.

Happy end

A few more edits later, we got what we needed. The label fully reflected the idea of three people working together and contained a beer recipe that the brewers wanted to share. And, of course, it reflected the contents of the package-rauhbir with Guinea pepper.

That's how one simple idea could be transformed beyond recognition. Did you like it?